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Enhanced Role for Our Receptionist

Enhanced Role for Our Receptionists

The next time you contact our GP practice you may notice a slight change to the way in which we handle your initial enquiry.

Whether you are contacting us on the phone or in person, we have provided additional care navigation training to our reception team to try to ensure that you see the most appropriate health professional at the first time of asking.

The receptionist is likely to need to ask you for some basic details of your illness or injury in order to help ensure you are directed to the most appropriate service.

Depending on your condition there are a range of options – these include being given a call back by a nurse or GP, being seen in the practice by a nurse or GP, or being directed to another health service such as pharmacy. Your phone call or practice appointment may be made on the same day or booked in for a later date.

We fully respect patient confidentiality so if you are in the GP practice speaking to the receptionist, you can always ask to have a conversation in confidence away from the waiting area.

This slight change to the way handle your initial enquiry is due to be introduced from Tuesday 5 December 2017.

Using the receptionists to better understand your needs and help you access the right person first time, will hopefully improve your experience of care and, in turn, make best use of NHS resources. We always welcome your feedback so please feel free to get in touch about your experience and how we can continue to make improvements.

Published 1st January 1970

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