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Advice and Testing

Advice and Testing

When you see a clinician, we sometimes request that you have further tests. Tests are often used to investigate further something that you have discussed with your doctor.

Routine tests include:

  • ECG (ElectroCardioGram)
  • Spirometry / Long Function Tests
  • Urine Analysis
  • Blood Pressure testing
  • 24 hour ECG
  • Blood tests

These tests are all carried out at the Golden Brook Practice by our caring team.

Blood tests need to be taken in the morning, this is because the laboratory collect our samples at 2pm.

If you need to arrange a test, please contact reception on 0115 855 4200.

Test Results

Test results are sent electronically from the laboratory to the surgery.

Many results are available within 48 hours, but some more specialised tests do take longer.

Doctors review all of the results received. You will only be informed if a result is abnormal or if you need to receive treatment.

We cannot notify patients of all normal results, as the work load for this would impact on our other services too highly.

If you are concerned about your results and have not been notified, please call reception on 0115 855 4200 after 2pm. Our reception team will be able to help you.