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Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are used when someone is going to be taking the same treatment for a long time.

Not all medications are put on to repeat. In fact, certain medications are deliberately not put on to repeat prescription as they can be dangerous. It is a decision between an individual and the doctor about whether a medication goes on to repeat.

We have a specific policy for drugs liable to misuse, please ask at reception if you would like to see this policy.

To order your medication, simply contact our Medicines Order Line (MOL – please see details below), order through SystmOnline (please see below),  send through the post or come to the surgery to fill out the right hand side of your prescription or a request form (which can be downloaded here: Repeat Prescription Request)

On some occasions, requested medication is not on the repeat prescription. In this case, a doctor will review the prescription request and where possible accomodate. If they are unable to do this with the information that they have, then they may request a telephone or face to face appointment.

Please allow at least two working days to collect your prescription after you have placed the request. 

Changes to our Prescriptions from 1st May 2019

From 1st May 2019, Golden Brook Practice will no longer be routinely issuing paper prescriptions. All prescriptions will be sent to your choice of pharmacy electronically.

Medicines Order Line (MOL)

Please note –  the Medicines Order Line will be closed for Christmas and New Year on 25th & 26th December 2019 and 1st January 2020.

You can request up to two weeks early for Christmas and New Year for prescriptions due on the 24th December through to the 8th of January through the MOL. 

Medicines Order Line
We now have the facility for you to request your repeat medications via the telephone. To order your repeat medications over the telephone please contact our Medicines Order Line on 0115 8550260 between 8.00 am and 4 pm.

Online repeat prescription ordering

To be able to request your prescriptions online you must attend the surgery in person with photographic ID for us to provide you with a user name and password.

You can then follow this link SystmOnline to enter your details and have access to order your prescriptions online.

The prescription will be ready for collection 2 working days after you leave the request.

You can now download an app for iOS from iTunes for your Apple mobile device.

Electronic Prescribing Service, EPS

Please note – we only routinely use the Electronic Prescribing Service for your prescription. This means that we can send the prescription directly to the pharmacy of your choice which means a much faster, more efficient and more secure service.

To be eligible to use EPS, you must first of all go to your chosen pharmacy and ask them to sign you up. They will then complete an EPS form online, which will link into your NHS GP notes.

Hospital Prescriptions

The hospital will often recommend changes to your medication, and so GP practices have agreements with the hospital about where prescriptions should be issued.

If you are attending an appointment at the hospital and you need an urgent prescription, the doctor there will give you a prescription to be dispensed at the hospital pharmacy. This prescription is not valid anywhere else, so please don’t leave the hospital until it has been dispensed at their pharmacy.

If the treatment is non-urgent, then a period of at least five working days is needed for the letter to be received by us so that we can issue it safely.

After discharge from hospital, you should receive a minimum of 14 days supply of medications. We can safely issue further supplies once we have your discharge letter. If you are given a paper copy for us, please drop it in as soon as you are able. The hospital often send these letters electronically directly to us.

Key messages:

    • Allow 5 working days for all prescriptions resulting from an outpatient appointment.
    • Don’t leave the hospital until you have any urgent medications dispensed.
    • The hospital must supply patients on discharge from hospital with a minimum of 14 days of medication, pain killers and dressings.

Written information from the hospital enables us to be safe and efficient with your prescriptions.