The Golden Brook Practice, Long Eaton Health Centre, Midland Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 1RY Tel: 0115 8554200

We all enjoy looking after people throughout the course of their lives. On some occasions, their illness and circumstance mean that they can not attend the surgery. We are happy to visit people where there is a genuine need.

We reserve home visits exclusively for those who are unable to attend the surgery due to their medical condition. The doctor has every right to ask you to attend the surgery and not visit you if they do not feel that a visit is needed. In fact, they may ask you to get a taxi or ask for you to arrange a lift so that you can be seen.

We have a team of ANPs (Advanced Nurse Practitioners) working in Long Eaton. The ANP team provides an excellent home visiting service. The ANPs are all fully trained in clinical history taking, clinical examination and diagnosis and are able to prescribe. We find that the ANPs are able to visit our unwell housebound patients promptly (they can often visit before the doctors have even finished their surgeries). This of course means that our housebound patients are afforded rapid assessment and treatment, often avoiding painful or unpleasant delays. The ANPs do feed back to the GPs, so that we remain fully aware of your medical conditions.

We are also supported by a terrific district nursing team who add further to this.

To arrange a routine home visit please telephone the surgery before 11am.

We will only accept emergency requests for visits after this time.